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Our Exceptional Community Amenities in Rexburg

Discover Abri’s exceptional community amenities in Rexburg, ID, where BYU-I students can thrive. Experience the perfect balance of comfort, convenience, and camaraderie at Abri, your home away from home.






Townhome Community Fitness Center

Amenities Built for Your Well-being

At Abri, our 24-hour fitness center is built with your well-being in mind, offering BYU-I students the flexibility to maintain a healthy lifestyle no matter how hectic your schedule. Equipped with the latest exercise machines, free weights, and dedicated space for yoga and cardio, you’ll find everything you need to stay fit and energized. Whether you’re an early riser or a night owl, our fitness center is always open to accommodate your workout routine.

Apartment Amenities for Your Convenience

At Abri, our apartment amenities are designed to make your life easier with spacious floor plans, modern appliances, and high-speed internet. Located just minutes from BYU-I, you’ll enjoy a short commute to campus and the peace of mind that comes with ample parking options.

Abri building outside


Abri’s prime location, just a block away from BYU-I, offers unparalleled convenience for students looking to maximize their college experience. With such a short distance to campus, you’ll save time on your commute, giving you more freedom to focus on your studies, participate in campus activities, and enjoy the vibrant student life. Living so close means you can easily walk or bike to class, making it effortless to stay engaged and connected with the BYU-I community.

Plenty of Parking Available

At Abri, we understand the importance of convenience for BYU-I students, which is why we offer plenty of parking options to accommodate your needs. Whether you have a car for weekend getaways or simply need a reliable place to park, our ample parking facilities ensure you’ll never have to worry about finding a spot. This added convenience allows you to focus on your studies and campus activities without the hassle of parking stress.

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We Strive to Build a Strong Community

At Abri, we are dedicated to fostering a strong and vibrant community for our residents through exceptional community amenities. Our inviting clubhouse, scenic terrace, and beautifully landscaped outdoor courtyard provide the perfect settings for socializing, relaxing, and building lasting friendships. Designed with BYU-I students in mind, these shared spaces encourage interaction and create a supportive, home-like atmosphere.


Our clubhouse at Abri is the ultimate social hub for students, offering an ideal space to unwind and connect with roommates and fellow residents. Equipped with a full kitchen, it’s perfect for hosting dinner parties or casual get-togethers. Enjoy movie nights or game days on our impressive 85-inch Smart TV and two additional 55-inch Smart TVs, or dive into gaming with our three Nintendo Switches and an Xbox. For those looking to add a little fun to their evenings, our karaoke system ensures endless entertainment.


Abri offers three inviting terraces complete with picnic tables, providing the perfect spots for students to gather, hang out, or study in a relaxed outdoor setting. These terraces are ideal for casual meetups with friends, group study sessions, or simply enjoying some fresh air between classes. Surrounded by well-maintained landscaping, the terraces create a serene and welcoming environment where you can focus on your studies or unwind after a busy day.

Outdoor Courtyard

Abri’s outdoor courtyard is a dynamic hub where students can enjoy a variety of activities in a relaxing outdoor setting. Whether you’re gathering around the fire pit with friends, hosting a barbecue, or engaging in a friendly game of ping pong, the courtyard offers an inviting atmosphere year-round. It’s the perfect place to unwind after classes, bond with neighbors, or simply enjoy the fresh air and scenic surroundings.

Townhome Community Piano
Townhome Community Gas Firepit
Townhome Community Lounge

Academic Focused Amenities

At Abri, we prioritize academic success with our tailored amenities designed to support your studies. Our dedicated study rooms provide quiet spaces equipped with everything you need to concentrate and excel, whether you’re preparing for exams or working on group projects. Additionally, our high-speed internet ensures seamless connectivity throughout the community, allowing you to research, collaborate online, and stay updated without interruption.

Fast High-speed Internet

Enjoy blazing-fast high-speed internet that supports seamless completion of assignments, participation in live-streamed classes, and uninterrupted streaming for relaxation after a full day of classes at BYU-I. Stay connected on social media effortlessly and indulge in your favorite shows or video games without interruption, making Abri the perfect home for balanced academic and leisure pursuits.

Study Rooms

Value Proposition: Abri’s study rooms are furnished with comfortable seating, spacious desks ideal for individual studies, and equipped with a 55-inch Smart TV and whiteboard for interactive learning and brainstorming sessions. Whether you prefer a quiet space for focused work or need a place to meet with study groups and collaborate on projects, our study rooms provide the perfect environment.